10 Miles of Peach Blossoms: A Heavenly Bed (NC-18)

Hi Readers! I am back!!!!!!! Sorry for the super long absence (it was a terrible year last year for me, but thank God 2016 has passed), but nothing has really captured my fanfic heart since the Healer and Changmin days. I still think Healer is one of the best K-dramas EVER! and am still secretly rooting for the outing of the Changmin couple, but hey, if nothing comes out of their relationship, we still have tons of things to read (and re-read) right?

I am pretty much going through a K-drama slump right now. Watching a few but unenthusiastically. However, who knew that a C-drama would actually sneak right up and make me go bat-shit crazy that I would re-activate this site again??! A C-drama!?!?!?!?!? of all things! That’s right people, if you haven’t had the chance to watch it, or you are stuck in a hole somewhere, please get yourselves to the nearest iPad, laptop, mobile device and download Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms aka Eternal Love RIGHT NOW.

I love it so much it is not even funny. If I am bored, or sad, or stressed, I would just go to Youtube and watch my favourite clips, or their funny BTS or interviews by the cast. I have also read a couple of online fanfic, and before you can say “Peach Blossoms” I was inspired to write again.

The following is a more detailed and RATED version of what happened in the jaw-dropping, ovaries exploding Episode 48 (die-hard fans would know). So enjoy!!!


“Ye Hua,” Bai Qian paused as she stared into those emotional dark eyes, her heart almost too full to speak. “I really love you. And I only want to be with you – forever and always.”

Ye Hua inhaled sharply, his intense joy and relief almost too much for his weakened body to bear. Was it a dream? Never would he have expected to hear such a confession from her mouth – not after what they had been through in her mortal life, and not after what he had learnt about her deep abiding relationship with her Shifu, Mo Yuan. Physically he knew the attraction was always there, from the very start when he first wrote down his name on her small trembling hand, but then he feared it could be due to his uncanny resemblance to Mo Yuan, rather than anything else.

But her ardent words, coupled with that small but luscious body pressed urgently against his own, as her eyes peered deep down into his tattered soul, he was set free from the nightmare of his own making – that he would live out his long immortal life without her.

A surge of desperate energy overcame him as he flipped her easily onto her back and kissed her senseless, so thankful to have his love returned, so hungry to claim that love for eternity. Breaking off their intense kiss for just that little while, Ye Hua fairly growled out as a lone tear fell onto her cheek, “Qian Qian, give me another child.”

Yes. She wanted to shout out her reply but couldn’t, because his lips had recaptured hers in another soul-wrenching kiss, every cell of her body vibrating strongly to his every touch, his every kiss, in total surrender. How, she thought in a daze as she felt him untie the belt of her dress with his good hand, did it take so long for her to realise that  she was utterly in love with this man, and she had wasted so much of their precious time together by pushing him away? How close she had been to losing this special man forever etched in her heart, who put her first above all else! She was determined to show the depth of her love to him, in every way, from this day onwards.

Ye Hua suddenly stopped kissing her and rolled over, with her straddling around his waist, breathing heavily. Without the belt, Bai Qian’s robes fell apart, revealing her fair and perfect body, luminous against the almost blinding celestial lights of the Nine Heavens streaming in through the window panes. He didn’t magicked away their clothes this time. Maybe his powers were weaker, but she didn’t mind. It was as if their night at the Western Seas didn’t happen. Her sudden hunger for this gorgeous and wonderful man, this respected Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens, seemed infinite at the moment. She wanted it slow. She wanted it long. She wanted to see him in bright lights and remember this day forever.

Tenderly, Bai Qian removed his black silk robe, revealing his tanned, lean body, but this time riddled with scars from his battle with the four beasts. Lovingly she caressed those closed wounds, running her fingers down his deadened right arm, as tears sprang forward again. Ye Hua cusped her face and said in his calm soothing voice, “Don’t cry. I don’t hurt anymore.”

“You lie.” She whispered to him, her heart breaking at the thought that even in his most painful moments, he was always shielding her, protecting her.

“It’s the truth. I don’t hurt anymore because you are here, with me.” With that, Ye Hua brought her face forcefully back down to his searching lips, scattering her thoughts once more.

And then, there was nothing to stop them anymore. Clothes were torn and thrown off to the floor, and there were only two tangled sweaty bodies desperate to express what mere words had failed to do. Their kisses were apologetic, their touches were full of desire, their tongues full of thirst. Anywhere, everywhere Ye Hua wanted, Bai Qian was with him all the way. When she finally guided him into her, to be as one, it was as if time stood still, as they both drank in the moment, not wanting to move forward for fear of losing everything precious and real.

Then Ye Hua broke their reverie. “Qian Qian, guo lai (过来).” He gasped. Always an aphrodisiac to her ears, these words. All the other men who professed to admire her were always running towards her, cornering her, forcing her to do things she didn’t want. But Ye Hua always waited at the same spot, unmoving, for her to come to him when she was ready – her body, her mind, and her heart.

They were already as close as can be. But she knew what he wanted. Tilting her head down to his, she met his hungry lips and poured her entire being into their kiss as they rode each other to oblivion.

Their world exploded.


As day turned into night, and night turned into day, they hardly took a break. For immortals who lived such long lives and time meant little, their impatience was a sight to behold. It was as if they were afraid of time slipping them by or they were desperately making up for lost time. Bai Qian was happy to note that despite his massive injuries, the more they came together, the more energetic he became. She was not complaining, although, she feared that she had added new wounds to his physical being, judging by the red claw marks on his back.

“Are there special healing powers on the beds in the Nine Heavens?” she had asked during one of their short breaks after their fourth (?) round.

Ye Hua’s lips curved up into his special little smile and her heart skipped a beat. ‘Bai Qian, are you still not satiated?’ She scolded herself. “Why do you ask that?” he asked.

“Well, you don’t seem to be tired after all our….erm…activities, so I thought….” She trailed off as he reared up and loomed over her, his long silky hair flowing down across his bare back, making him look even sexier than ever.

“Not that I know of, but if there is, I am eternally grateful to this heavenly bed.” He grinned down at her flushed face. “Qian Qian, shall we have another round, then?”

She was sore, more sore than she had ever been even when she was practicing her martial arts at Kunlun Mountains, but she would have to be dead to resist the love of her so far 140,000-year-old life. Ye Hua was just so very irresistible.

“Yes.” And that heralded the end of their (very) short break.



11 thoughts on “10 Miles of Peach Blossoms: A Heavenly Bed (NC-18)

  1. Whoa, you are back, you are definitely back Mabel! Gosh, I missed this kind of fanfic, sensual, real, sexy and a lot more…and that four rounds kekeke…Healer-y ahihihi.

    By the way, it’s me @igotdancingagain at soompi and Igot68 at Twitter.

    Hope to see MOAR!

    Thank you…ahhh fanfic life


    1. Hi we meet again! Glad that you are watching Peach too. Healer days were fun days no? Still waiting for another Kdrama to sweep me away like Healer did!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Mabel, yes Healer days were so much fun, but more than that Healer made a huge community of fun-loving people with so many talents just like you. Happy that you are back again with writing.
        I hope too that we will have another kind of Healer drama to be crazy again just like the old time.
        Hope to read more of your FF with this cdrama. I needed to finish this soon hihihi…


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